Call for papers on digital technology and war

International Review of the Red Cross: Call for papers on digital technology and war

In emergency situations, new technology now allows for real time interactions between all actors involved. Relationships with beneficiaries of humanitarian relief are evolving, as more and more of the exchanges are made via digital tools such as messaging apps and digital cash payments.

This new information environment presents both challenges and opportunities for humanitarian organisations interested in using this information for the benefit of those they serve, while questions of privacy and data protection regularly arise. As it is often the case, ethical and legal considerations are being addressed in parallel with the evolution of technology. This edition of the Review will cover these topics and more. Contributors may choose to write on such topics as digital communication and humanitarian work, the information environment, cyberwarfare and IHL or the impact of new technology on the humanitarian field.

Authors are invited to send submissions to the Review's editorial team, preferably in the form of a Word document, at The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2018. Additional guidelines for authors available here.