Come Work with Us: ICRC in DC is Hiring a Field Migration Officer


Field Migration Officer  

International Committee of the Red Cross                                                                                 
Regional Delegation for the United States and Canada                                                           
Resident position based in Washington D.C and/or near the US/Mexican border                     
(Only US citizen or Green Card holders may apply)



In line with the delegation’s institutional priorities - within the frame of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement resolutions - to mitigate specific humanitarian consequences linked to undocumented migrants entering the US from Mexico and Central America, the position holder will facilitate and support ICRC efforts in this regard. By being able to dedicate 100% of her/his time to this task and also by being able to spend up to 50% of his or her time in the US Southern border area, the position holder will help address any analytical gaps regarding humanitarian consequences of US Government deportation practices to Mexico (MEX) and Central America and to follow up on information received from the Mexico Regional Delegation (MEX RD) migration team.


Under hierarchical supervision of the Washington (WAS) Protection Coordinator (CoPROT), the position is to support and strengthen the delegation’s ongoing and foreseen activities on migration:


  • Focal point for US southern border missions to be regularly conducted on his/her own and/or in tandem with WAS or MEX colleagues and/ or with the American Red Cross representatives regarding the situation for migrants arriving in the United States, particularly those who have lost contact with their families or have disappeared, and those subject to deportation or in detention. Maintains dialogue with all relevant authorities, NGOs, consulates, Movement members and northern field delegates of MEX RD.
  • Follow-up at US capital level with CoPROT of ICRC migration dialogues at capital levelwith relevant stakeholders (authorities, NGOs, IOs, consulates and Embassies, America Red Cross).
  • Supports CoProt in transversal work within ICRC delegation in WAS, ensuring relevant information shared with all colleagues implicated in the file (Restoring Family Links (RFL), Inter-American Affairs, Policy, Legal, Armed Forces and Security, Communication) in addition to the Migration Coordinator (CoMIG) based in MEX.
  • Plays an active role in maintaining, strengthening and developing ICRC and American Red Cross partnership.


  • In close cooperation with relevant WAS and MEX colleagues, responsible for the collection, assessment and analysis of information gathered from various sources linked to humanitarian consequences of deportation from the US to Mexico and Central America.
  • Independently but in close coordination with other stakeholders, e.g. ICRC Northern Border delegates and the American Red Cross, conduct field missions to US-Mexican border to assess field realities regarding US deportation practices, following up on information gathered on MEX side of the border in addition to other information collected from other sources, including migrants.
  •  On an ad hoc basis, provide support to ICRC missions in Central America following up on concerns on deportation processes from the US.
  • RFL: Under technical supervision of RFL Responsible:
    • Maintain and strengthen liaison with the American Red Cross focal points, build-up interactions with the American Red Cross along Southern border in order to further support and strengthen American Red Cross RFL efforts for migrants
    • Help contribute to ICRC’s RFL support to the American Red Cross in US government facilities in case of migrant ‘surges’
  • Maintain contact and exchanges towards the a/m with various relevant US migration/deportation authorities, Mexican and Central American consulates in border states, local civil society actors and NGOs.
  • In support of CoPROT WAS, stay updated on ICRC assessments and efforts regarding missing and dead migrants (missing/forensic file lead by MEX) and follow-up/flag dialogue at Southern border in close cooperation with other internal WAS stakeholders (e.g. Inter-American Affairs). 
  • Help establish and then convene internal Working Group on Migration with all other transversally connected stakeholders at WAS delegation to ensure transversal info flow and consistent approach and messaging on Migration.
  • Contribute to writing of the “Planning for Results” (PfR) and budget preparation and follow up of the related budget.
  • Prepare in a timely and concise manner written reporting on activities and meetings with various stakeholders and on information collected from migrants.


  • Confirmed capacity to analyse migration-related trends and policies affecting migrants in North America.
  • Pro-active team-player with strong organisational, planning and inter-personal skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field (e.g. sociology, anthropology, social work) and up to 5 years of experience with programs/projects benefiting migrants.
  • Excellent professional oral and written English and Spanish.
  • Prior experience within the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement an asset.


  • Be aware of the delegation's objectives and activities
  • Understand the three components of the Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement
  • Apply the delegation's security rules at all times
  • Respect and observe staff regulations of the ICRC
  • The employee may be asked to perform duties and tasks not covered in this job description as well as to provide support to other departments when necessary

ICRC is a humanitarian organization, which works to protect and assist victims of armed conflicts. The position within the institution requires to convey/carry a certain image of the ICRC. ICRC expects its employees to behave in an appropriate manner at all times and in all places. All members of staff should ensure their attitudes correspond to ICRC principles both during and after working hours.

 Starting date: October 17, 2016

For further details please contact Kirsty Macdonald, Protection Coordinator in Washington. 

 Applications should be submitted to Laure Macabrey no later than September 22.

 ** Pre-selected candidates will be required to take a written and oral Spanish language test **