7 issues that will Shape the Humanitarian Agenda in 2018


ICRC President Peter Maurer recently wrote on the seven key issues he plans to focus on in 2018. This year marks the seventh year of fighting in Syria. Hunger and disease continues to affect millions of people in Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen. Around the world, people are fleeing conflict only to become trapped in misery, as seen in Libya. People are suffering from immediate and long-term effects of conflict and violence, as Maurer witnessed himself in Central African Republic during his trip in January.However, progress depends on an increased commitment from states and other stakeholders on minimum standards of humanity, and broad agreement for neutral, impartial, independent, humanitarian action.

Technological and financial advances are transforming the ground the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) works on. Read Maurer's full article on what ICRC believes are the seven key issues that will shape the humanitarian agenda in 2018 here.